Security Services Why Security Assessments Are Essential

External Assessment

 Securing the perimeter of your network is essential in ensuring that your network can withstand blows from malicious attackers. External Penetration Testing  or "hacking from the internet" identifies what malicious attackers can  find, see, exploit, and how far an attacker can penetrate once a network  foothold is gained. 

Internal Assessment

 Most networks are like candy, hard on the outside but soft and gooey on  the inside. Security conscious professionals know that having 

a hardened  interior network is just as important as having a hardened perimeter. Internal Penetration Testing assesses  the security from the point of view of a corporate bad seed,  disgruntled employee, or an attacker who has breached the perimeter  through other means 

Wireless Security Assessment

 WiFi in corporate settings has been increasing in popularity over the  last decade. With weak WiFi security controls, an attacker could breach  the perimeter of your network and access critical data, putting your  company in the security breach hot seat. A Wireless Penetration Test will  identify what mechanisms are in place to protect your wireless network  and identify the current controls are sufficient in preventing  unauthorized access to your network and data. 

Application Security

Applications process and handle most of the company’s information,  including the most critical data. They have become the most popular  target and easier to reach for attackers.

It is therefore  important to test your applications using the same techniques and tools  used during a real-world attack, verifying the practical effectiveness  of the implemented security measures. Our Red Team employs the latest  techniques, along with professional tools, to identify and exploit  application vulnerabilities, in order to compromise your most sensitive  information. Our Penetration Testing activities are designed with a  top-down approach, aiming at a specific goal, such as the compromise of a  critical database or the theft of relevant data, which allows to verify  the real impact of the identified vulnerabilities during a real attack.

The  assessment results are documented in a report that contains the  complete list of identified vulnerabilities, classified according to  their relevance through a risk-based standard methodology. To assist  during the vulnerabilities fixing process, all detected issues are  widely detailed, including the necessary steps to reproduce them, and  for each one suggestions and directions for the proper fix are provided.

Mobile Application

 Smartphones and tablets are used in our everyday life, bringing with  them our personal information and our business documents. The extended  use of these devices, in both private and business activities, has  attracted the attention of attackers, lured by the new opportunities for  data theft.

Secure Network provides professional Penetration Test  on the major mobile platforms: Android, iOS, Windows Phone and  BlackBerry. Furthermore, Secure Network also analyses applications for  Windows 8, developed for desktops, laptops and for the Microsoft Surface  tablet.

Through a process analysis based on the OWASP Mobile  Project methodology, Secure Network checks the security of the  application. Analyses are also performed on the transmission protocols  to ensure that information are safety transmitted to the back-end  systems. The analysis is completed by the Penetration Test of back-end  system with a methodology similar to that used for Penetration Test of  Web Application and Web Services.

Security Compliance Assessments

Our Governance, Risk & Compliance security consultants are  experts in their field. We have the experience and qualifications to  carry out professional assessments against industry-recognised  compliance standards.

Our straight-forward and transparent approach means we can deliver  security assessments to suit all company types, sizes and budgets. We  will work with you to agree the scope of the assessment and then give  you a custom quote. There are no hidden fees, no add-on costs, and no  onsite hourly charges.

When you choose Onlinepentest you get a partner in compliance.  Irrespective of your compliance requirements, our goal is to help you  reduce risk, protect your organisation's assets, and keep customer's  data safe